UDM STEM Research and Projects Symposium

The purpose of this fundraising effort is to support the First E&S College Research and Projects Symposium as well as provide financial support for future research projects.

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GOAL: $10,000

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Over the years UDM’s Science and Engineering undergraduate students have engaged in numerous research projects.   For the students majoring in the basic sciences it has usually been in the form of undergraduate research in UDM’s laboratories and for the engineers it has been in the form of design projects of various types.   Students who participated in these activities have often reminisced about the significant positive impact of undergraduate research and hands-on project experiences on their STEM careers.    Our science undergrads have presented and published in prestigious conferences and journals.  Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama, mentioned the collaborative work of our engineering undergraduates and nursing students in the area of assistive technologies.

We are launching a campaign to strengthen this aspect of UDM’s education for the current and future generation of students. In order to shine a brighter spotlight on undergraduate research and projects, we are holding the first ever college-wide research and projects symposium on November 1st, 2013.  We plan to host this event annualy from now on. For the symposium we are also inviting some of the local high school science and math classes to visit the college, interact with the student presenters, and learn more about STEM.

Our objectives for holding this event are:

  • Celebrate all the “cool” research and project work that our students have been doing
  • Motivate other students to join in this unique experience of undergraduate research and projects
  • Inspire high school students to choose STEM careers by having them interact with the undergraduate presenters and hearing about the joys of learning through discovery and creation.

This crowd-sourced campaign is targeted towards the alumni, friends and well-wishers of the college.  We are asking for your support.  Funds raised will be used in the following manner:

  • To host the 1st College Research Symposium
  • Create a fund in the college that can support project expenditures and award small research budgets to students and student teams so that this effort can continue to be sustained