University of Detroit Mercy
Event in a Box

Event in a Box

Setting up an Event

Please note that not all of these items may apply to your event specifically but should provide a general idea of what is expected.

Day of Event

  • Arrive between 30 minutes to an hour early to make sure venue is arranged properly and set-up site, including:
    • Registration Table (with nametags and sign in sheet)
    • Any Audio/Visual
    • Prize Tables
    • Decorations
  • If applicable, when your speaker arrives, make sure he/she feels welcome
  • Recognize, greet and sign-in guests (please send this to the Office of Alumni Relations following the event)
  • Have someone in charge of taking pictures (submit photos with your Event Follow-up Form)
  • At the close of the event, be sure to thank the guests for coming
  • Clean up: check to make sure that everything is in satisfactory condition before you leave

Following Event

Submit the Event Follow-up Form, sign-in sheet, and any photos that may have been taken to the Office of Alumni Relations.